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Hearts like yours

This set of videos has young people in Australia, America and England talking about what if feels like to grow up with a complex heart condition and the smarts they use to deal with different situations. 

Five young adults with hypoplastic left heart syndrome
This group of five young adults with hlhs answer a lot of common questions about their Fontan experiences. They cover stuff like sport, transplants, scars, thrill sports, school and tattoos. They talk frankly and openly. It's a one hour video, but a great and worthwhile watch. As with any information people tell you about medications and vitamins, make sure you ask your cardiologist first. Everybody's body is different and reacts differently.

Do you feel oh so tired?

Little Hearts Matters UK talked to a group of young people starting to enter adolescence. They talk about how they measure their tiredness in spoonfuls. It's a pretty good way to look at it no matter how old you are.

Sophie and Ben talk about tertiary study with a single ventricle


Little Hearts Matters in the UK asked Sophie and Ben to answer questions about their university life as students and how it impacts management of their complex congenital heart conditions. Even if you're still in high school you might find this interesting.

Teenage camps


Many countries have organisations that run camps for kids and teenagers who have congenital heart conditions. It might be something you want to try, so ask your cardiac team if they can provide information in your local area. This one was held in Australia.

Let's also hear from a cardiologist with expertise in adult congenital heart disease

Luke Burchill is passionate about the importance of listening to and not making assumptions about the adults he treats. 


Sam Chung podcast


HeartKids Australia has produced a series of podcasts to assist people dealing with a congenital heart conditions. In this episode, Sam Stolberg interviews 22-year-old Sam Chung about his Fontan journey following a diagnosis of tricuspid atresia. Sam chats about everything from his scar to studying Law. 

You can find more of the HeartKids Australia podcasts here.

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