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Keep fit

Exercise is important with a Fontan

Exercise is good

Exercise is so important for so many reasons and is one of the best things you can do to keep a Fontan heart healthy. It helps your mental and physical health. 

Most young people with a Fontan try all sorts of sports. You might get tired faster than others so pace yourself. And always listen to your body.



Meghan Roswick - hypoplastic left heart syndrome (hlhs) - embraces all sorts of exercise with determination in her quest to keep fit. Like everything, check with your doctor first to see if this sort of exercise is suitable for your body.

Why being active
 cheers your heart and mind

Dr Rachael Cordina talks about the best ways to keep fit and active when you have a Fontan circulation. It can be as little as five or ten minutes a day. Start with modest goals that you enjoy and just make sure you get advice from your doctor before you begin. 

If you get so breathless that you can't talk or finish a sentence, it's time to stop. 

New research study looking at 
exercise and the Fontan

Dr Rachael Cordina spoke on ABC Radio Australia in May 2022 about new research looking at the role of exercise for people who have a  Fontan circulation. Exercise may be more important than you realise.  But please make sure you get advice from your doctor before you alter your exercise routine because every person's needs are different. 

Here's the link to the 7 minute radio interview that is well worth a listen. Don't be put off by the headline talking about kids, it's actually about all ages.


Working out together has strengthened our bond. Shot of two sporty young women forming a h
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