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Fontan and You single ventricle heart


Fontan and You offers tips for moving into adolescence and adulthood after a cardiac Fontan procedure

Fontan and You looks at things like:

  • keeping fit

  • drinking, smoking, drugs

  • your love life

  • your mental health

  • tatts and piercing

  • preparing for surgery

  • how to talk to medical people

  • understanding your parents

  • dealing with study and work

  • how to lead an enjoyable life

It also offers loads of videos from people with a Fontan, who understand what you are dealing with. They talk honestly about their feelings and fears

Charcoal Drawing

     Fontan and You -  heart information that relates to the life you want to lead


If you're growing into adolescence or young adulthood after Fontan heart surgery, it might be time to start taking charge of your own heart knowledge. 

There's lots of stuff for little kids with congenital heart conditions. There are loads of resources talking to parents. If you see a Fontan story on the news, it usually features a baby or toddler with the parents doing the talking. 


That's all good, but as you get older you need information that relates to you. Some days you might feel like life sucks. You probably want to forget you've had a Fontan.

Other days you might be thinking it's incredible that someone re-plumbed your heart when it was so tiny. You cheer the life that Fontan surgery gave you.

Either way, Fontan and You offers snippets of information to help you navigate your teenage and young adult life living with a Fontan. 

Let's hope it talks about some of the stuff you want to know. And makes you feel that you're not alone when you feel anxious about the future. All over the world, there are people your age with Fontans who feel and worry and laugh and cry - just like you.

As you grow through adolescence and into adulthood, try to remember that your heart condition is part of who you are, but it's not your identity.  Yours is a life that should be jam-packed with everything you're interested in. And all the things that you love to do.

Enjoy exploring this site and if you think of a new area you would like covered, or have comments about the site, feel free to get in touch

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